Lark Quarry Conservation Park

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Lark Quarry Conservation Park holds the only evidence in the whole world of a dinosaur stampede.

The evidence: 3,300 fossilised dinosaur footprints from a time when dinosaurs stomped through lush rainforests and the outback looked very different from the way it is today. These dinosaur tracks inspired the dinosaur stampede scene in Steven Spielberg’s movie Jurassic Park. The tracks are protected inside a solar-powered building, constructed using ecologically sustainable methods. Discover the fascinating story of the stampede of 95 million years ago. Entry to the tracks is by guided tour only (a fee applies). Independent visitors can enjoy a short 500 metre walk along the Spinifex circuit, or enjoy a longer 3.5 kilometre return walk along the Jump Up Loop to explore this awe-inspiring landscape known as ‘jump up’ country.


Disabled access available Family Picnic Area Public Toilet Walk

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Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry

Lark Quarry Conservation Park


Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways

Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park


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