Established on the banks of the Broughton River in 1869, the township of Redhill is approximately two hours north of Adelaide on Highway One.

Redhill can be recognized by the magnificent Clydesdale (known as the pioneer farmer’s monument), easily spotted by travellers on the highway. The monument is representative of this area where wheat, barley, peas, beans and lentils grow.

The area is also known for sheep grazing. If your interest is in experiencing the Flinders Ranges, the scenic drive which follows the path of the famous old cattle track will lead you towards your destinations; through the towns of Crystal Brook, Gladstone, Laura, Melrose, Quorn and further.

There are many points of interest in Redhill. Enjoy a river walk, or cool off at the great swimming and fishing holes along the Broughton River. Put on your togs and take a dip or wet your line and catch a fish to brag about! There are also public toilets, shaded seating areas and barbecues. There is a colourful, fully fenced playground for children. In the park also stands a war memorial, dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the district.

For those who love history, Redhill has two cemeteries and a museum which is full of old world interest such as telephone exchange, school memorabilia and photos. A number of old stone buildings have been or are being restored, including two of the churches (now private residences), as is the former Redhill Primary School.

Redhill has a wonderful sporting history and caters admirably to those who like a spot of golf (with its six hole blacks around the Redhill oval), or those who want to try out the netball courts and cricket nets. The tennis and bowling clubs are also a hive of activity during their seasons.

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) has a large presence in rural Australia and Redhill’s group is no exception. If you are in town on a Friday between March and September you are welcomed to morning tea and a chat at the CWA rooms in the main street.