If you re looking for transport or a rental cars in South Australia, there are plenty of options. Everything from airport transfers, hire cars, Camper vans to boats and bicycles. One of the most popular in SA is House Boating on the Murray and well worth considering.

The best way to find them is to narrow your search to an area or specific location. We have suggested a few of the popular destinations below to help out but if you know where you want to go just enter it by using the search field above.

If you are simply looking for a rental car in Adelaide and want to ensure you get the best price available try the search tool (right) and compare the rates from all the major car rental companies.

Featured Transport and Hire

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Camperman Australia Adelaide

Camperman Australia Adelaide

Richmond, West Torrens

mighty camper

Mighty Campervans


Kim Geue and Bubbles with the Alpana vehicle for a camel trek transport.

Alpana Station Transport


Foxtale 1 kitchen

Foxtale 1

Morgan, Mid Murray

River Breez Houseboats

River Breez Houseboats

Mannum, Mid Murray

Premier Stateliner Coach Group, Adelaide, South Australia

Premier Stateliner Coach Group