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Mural House is a display of murals at Sheffield, north-west Tasmania. Sheffield is located beneath the craggy peak of Mount Roland (1234 m), a 30-minute drive south of Devonport (30 km) and a 90-minute drive west of Launceston (93 km).
Mural House specialises in murals inspired by native art from a range of cultures, painted by the artist on the interior walls of her home. Mural house is one of a number of galleries, studios and museums in Sheffield – a town known internationally for its collection of public murals depicting the area’s rich history. Since 1986, dozens of murals have been painted in the town, ranging from large scale work by professional painters, to murals by local school children. Sheffield attracts over 100,000 visitors each year who come to admire this collection of public art. The town also hosts the annual Mural Fest – a national competition of mural art.


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