Rotary Lookout Esperance

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The Rotary Lookout in Esperance is located high on a granite outcrop, and offers expansive views of the surrounding coastal town and its magnificent beaches. Take in the spectacular vista of the remote islands of the Recherche Archipelago and the sweeping panorama of the town of Esperance.

From its vantage point on Wireless Hill you can enjoy 360 degree views all the way from ‘Pink Lake’ inland to the surrounding farmland on the outskirts of town.

Stretch your legs on the walking or cycling trail from the Rotary Lookout to Twilight Beach, and enjoy the fresh sea air and the rugged pristine surrounds.

Make the lookout your first stop, before continuing on to explore the remainder of Esperance’s Great Ocean Drive. The Great Ocean Drive is a 38 kilometre circular drive trail that will take you through some of the most stunning coastal scenery in Australia.

Esperance is a lovely port town, which is a one and a half hour flight, or an eight hour drive south of Perth.


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