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Breakr is Canberra’s very own ‘break room’.

A break room is a dedicated space for breaking plates, mugs, glasses, vases and other fragile items (all provided by us!) in a safe space, either by throwing at the walls or by using the tools provided. Breakr is a great way to have some fun and relieve stress!

While it is true that we break a lot of items, we aren’t creating any additional waste.

All items we break are sourced from local Op Shops and Charities in Canberra. However, we only take items that are unable to be sold and are on their way to be disposed of.

This is an 18+ establishment!


Food and Refreshments

Disabled Assistance

Disabled access available


From AU$40.00

Single Room $40 – One Person, One Room
Double Room $70 – Two People, One Room

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