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Monster Kitchen and Bar marries classic French brasserie with Japanese rooted flavours; modern techniques yield an innovative approach to the Canberra dining scene.

Alongside the Monster Kitchen Team, Creative Culinary Partner Ian Curley (French Saloon, VIC) highlights Monster’s sincere, seasonal and ever-evolving approach to food. With a strong focus on the two culture’s ingredients, and the cooking techniques across their traditions, the menu presents a bold and confident execution of two cultures who aspire to exceptional culinary standards. The French and the Japanese are proud in nature, precise in method, artful in presentation and known for flavours that have whet the appetite of the entire world.

Monster Bar has fallen deep in love with Japanese art and culture while drawing on the artistic inspiration from Impressionist France. As such, the wine list has followed suit. Sake will be a permanent addition to the dining room table setting with cups being locally handcrafted for the venue and the wine list takes its hues from leading art periods in Burgundy and Rhone Valley. This evolution brings Japanese Ginza style beverages to the Capital, while making premium wines more accessible to guests and shining a spotlight on our ever-growing Japanese whisky collection.

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