Frugii Dessert Laboratory

Restaurant and Cafe

Frugii is a family owned business in the heart of Canberra. They make all of their own Ice Cream Gelato, Cakes and Chocolates from scratch.

The shop display consists of three distinct sections.

Pozzetti that stores the ice creams at the perfect temperature. These are served in either gorgeous waffle cones, cups, or take-away tubs.

Stick Freezer that stores all of the semifreddo, or parfait, or ice cream desserts.

Cake Fridge that stores up to 8 different types of chilled desserts such as Choux Pastry, Tarts, and Verrines

Frugii do make the standard flavours such as Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Salted Butter Caramels, but again with the Frugii difference. They are also know known for their creativity, offering ‘different’ flavours of Ice Cream – such as “Vegemite on Sourdough”, “Roasted Cauliflower with Rose Harissa” , “Seafood Laksa”, “Butter Chicken”, “Guinness”, “Blue Cheese”, “Roasted Beetroot with Paprika”, “Gin and Tonic”, “Black pudding and Chocolate” to name a few!


Asian Bakery/Patisserie Caters for people with allergies and intolerances. No license available Non Smoking Not Specified Organic Paleo Takeaway Available Wheelchair access

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