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Things you should know before you continue

Australias.Guide is a travel and tourism website about Australia. We are not a shopping mall or a general business directory so we will only accept listings that meet our content standards and categories.. We promote Australian travel and hospitality businesses and our primary categories are Accommodation, Tours, Attractions, Transport, Events, Food & Drink, Information Services and General Travel services. The only exception to this is where you might provide a service that is helpful to visitors/travellers such as a Medical Centres, Hospitals, Child minding, Pet minding or Veterinary services, Car Parks, Supermarkets, Public Pools etc. These will qualify under the ‘General Travel services’ category. If you are selling Weight Loss programs, or web development services etc., we will not accept your listing. You get the idea, its all about Australian travel, hospitality and related services only. If you have a hotel in the Bahamas… Sorry, you will have to wait until we release

A human reviews every listing application to ensure it meets our requirements. We should also let you know that our site is strictly for general audiences so Adult content, gambling systems and anything we deem ‘sensative’ or ‘inappropriate’ content won’t make the cut either. Enough said.

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Basic Listing

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Premium Listing – What’s Included

The Premium Listing is our flagship option and is guaranteed to get the most visibility on Australia’s Guide. You will be able to tell your story with more images and link direct to your website. This option is designed specifically for those who want to drive online bookings. If you have your own booking solution and are tired of paying commissions to third party booking providers then you will love our Premium listing. We will include a commission free ‘Book Direct’ link to your own booking page. Of course you can point this button wherever you like but we think it will save you money and give you direct contact with your customers. In fact at a tiny annual cost you will practically pay for it with your first booking.

Premium Listings can appear in up to three relevant sub-categories. For example many B&B operators also want also list in ‘Cottages’ and ‘Retreats & Lodges’ That means more hits for your listings. Our internal ranking system ensures that all Premium Listings appear at the top of our product listings and category pages, they rank above the Pro and Basic listings.  We also feature them on many other pages via our ‘Nearby’ widgets so when a visitor is looking at an event for example, we show them nearby accommotation and visa-versa. There are more features too…

Premium Listings include social media integration. Your listing can include direct links to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

If you don’t want to commit for a year or you have and upcoming event that is a one-off you can subscribe to a monthly plan. Great features, no tricks, best bang for your buck anywhere!  

Pro Listing – What’s Included

The Pro Listing is a popular option for those who want to drive direct traffic to their website and don’t have their own booking solution. If you are already working with a booking provider like and we can match your property then we will include a book button for you.

The Pro Listing ranking on our website means that Pro Listings will always appear above our Basic Listings and can appear on our Nearby widgets when visitors explore your location. Pro Listings allow more images than a Basic Listing for your photo gallery and you can include your listing in up to two relevant sub-categories. For example many B&B operators also want to list in ‘Cottages’ or ‘Retreats & Lodges’ That means more hits for your listings.

If you don’t want to commit for a year or you have and upcoming event that is a one-off you can subscribe to a monthly plan. No lock-in period. Great features, budget pricing, you won’t find better.  

Basic Listings – What’s Included

Our Basic listings are extraordinary! These are not your typical ‘Directory’ type listing with only the basics, you get a fully featured listing with images, map and proper description. Visitors can find your phone number, your location and send you a direct email enquiry. This is not a trial listing and it won’t expire. If we can match your business to a 3rd party booking provider we will even include a Book button. *Basic Listings are limited to one listing per business

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