Broken Bay Pearl Farm

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Pearls of Australia offers tours to the only pearl farm on the East Coast of the country where the world’s rarest and most valuable Akoya pearls are grown at Broken Bay Pearl Farm.
This brand-new experience invites you to their Shellar door – a revamped Oyster Shed in Mooney Mooney alongside the Hawkesbury River, where you can experience an authentic working pearl farm. Board their Oyster Punt ‘Rose’ to share the story of their locally grown pearls.

Before departing, your guide will take you through a short theatre presentation that highlights the colourful history of pearling in Australia.

On board the vessel, explore the incredible local marine wilderness where iconic pelicans and abundant fish are a living display of the thriving marine ecosystem – home to the world-class pearls. You’ll meet the pearling team who reveal the intricacies of pearl farming, and once back on land you’re invited to join them in a hands-on session with the farms harvest where you’ll learn how pearls are graded by the seven virtues that underpin the value of these farm-direct Pearls of Australia.

Wander through their Shellar door which showcases their beautiful pearl jewellery and Indigenous artwork for sale.


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Immerse in the unique story of the Australian Pearl where they invite you on their 10 metre catamaran to see where the world’s most lustrous and rare Akoya pearls are grown. Learn the unique environmental elements that combine to create the perfect breeding ground for pearls, and join them in the pearl grading room where they’ll hand you a tray of their harvest and share the seven virtues that make pearls of Australia so unique.

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