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Byron Bay Gyrocopters is an official Flight Training Facility (Gyrocopter Flight School) which is conducting passenger flights seven days a week from Tyagarah Airstrip, approximately five kilometres north of Byron Bay.

Come and discover the breathtaking and spectacular world from above Byron Bay and beyond. Fly around the lighthouse and over the most beautiful beaches of Australia. Observe the marine wildlife and watch the whales, dolphins and sharks undisturbed and close up from the air.

Experience aviation in a safe and friendly environment with their highly professional flight instructors. Come with them on an amazing journey in one of the world safest aircrafts. Fly over waterfalls and national parks while soaking in the stunning views of the world famous Mount Warning and Byron Bay hinterland.





Fly the classic highlights of Byron Bay and surrounds in a modern Gyrocopter. They will take you on an unforgettable journey to the most easterly point of the Australian continent. On this Trial Introductory (TI) Flight you will fly with an experienced Flight Instructor over the famous township of Byron Bay, over old ship wrecks sleeping under water, the iconic Lighthouse and Australia’s most beautiful beaches. There will be lots of time to explore the amazing beauty of ocean wildlife with its dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles and whales out of the cockpit, with it’s unobstructed views (don’t forget your camera, mate!). Get enveloped in the pure third dimensional experience.


The ultimate Gyrocopter flight. First, fly to Mount Warning with it’s impressive volcanic crater (Caldera), the largest of the southern hemisphere. The stunning rim around Mount Warning is best visible from the air.

Then you will follow the Great Dividing Range and travel south, tracking for the historic and famous hippy town of Nimbin, which is embedded in the forest between sacred Aboriginal landmarks and magic rock formations.

Fly over the Nightcap National Park with it’s mind blowing beautiful nature, amazing gorges, dams and impressive waterfalls, such as the tourist magnet Minyon Falls. On your way back, fly over Byron Bay with it’s pristine beaches, dramatic headland and the iconic lighthouse before landing safely at Tyagrah Airstrip again.

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