Clay Head

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Any visitor to Sandon – who’s come from the Brooms Head direction – will see the village on the south side of Sandon River and wonder how in the world you get there, because clearly there isn’t a bridge!

Sandon Village is pretty unique in this regard. The number of non-4WD vehicles in Sandon Village is exactly zero, because the only way to get there is along the Sandon Back Trail from Illaroo to the south. This trail takes in a stretch of beach, so that is serious 4WD access.

Anyway, Sandon Village backs on to Clay Head, and as you’d imagine in a place that’s legitimately challenging to reach, (your correspondent paddled across Sandon River on his surfboard, careful not to get his camera wet) Clay Head is a lovely, lonely, and spooky-but-in-a-nice-way place.

The coves beneath Clay Head are jagged but picturesque affairs with grassy foreshores and pebbly beaches, and when the headland eventually spills down to the south-facing back beach, you can still feel vulnerable and humbled by one of the more rugged and desolate stretches of Clarence coast.



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Feeding the Pelicans on Sandon River

Sandon River

The Sandon, Clarence Valley

Northern aspect up to Flat Rock. Dump Beach, Yamba.

Dump Beach

Yamba, Clarence Valley

Angourie Beach

Angourie Beach

Angourie, Clarence Valley

Looking south to Red Cliff from Plumbago.

Buchanan’s Head

Yuraygir, Clarence Valley

Little Shelley at low tide: a beachcomber’s paradise.

Little Shelley

Yuraygir, Clarence Valley

Angourie to Brooms Head Walk, Yuraygir National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary

Angourie to Brooms Head

Angourie, Clarence Valley

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