Darling and Murray River Junction and Viewing Tower

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The junction of Australia’s two longest rivers, the Murray and the Darling – an iconic Australian ‘must see’.

Climb the viewing tower and see the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers, which, combined, is the fourth largest river system in the world. When the Darling is in flow, a surprise awaits – as the two rivers are marked by a distinct colour difference viewable from the tower. The Darling is a clay based river, its milky appearance contrasts starkly to that of the mighty Murray. Truly one of Australia’s iconic ‘must-see’ attractions.

You can climb up to the viewing tower and look down upon the confluence of the two majestic rivers, take a leisurely stroll along the walking track, take advantage of the facilities on offer for a barbecue or picnic or simply read up on the history of the Darling River in the pictorial informational gazebo.


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