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The ‘little grey’ Ferguson tractor wrote itself into the annals of local history through the integral part it played in saving Wentworth from the 1956 floods.

Flood waters raced towards Wentworth via both the Darling and Murray rivers, resulting in a third of Wentworth going under water. Wentworth became an island in an inland sea.

The tenacious will of the Wentworth people saw them stay and fight to save their town from rack and ruin when all authorities were urging them to evacuate.

During the floods, the roar of the little Fergies could be heard 24 hours a day as volunteers patched and built crumbling and new levee banks to fortify Wentworth from the rising waters.

An earlier monument to the town-saving Fergies was erected at the corner of Adelaide and Darling Streets in Wentworth in 1959 and still remains there to this day.


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