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Officially known as ‘All Saints Anglican Church’, Gostwyck Chapel was built in 1921 in memory of Major Clive Collingwood Dangar who lost his life during World War I. The chapel was constructed entirely of bricks made and fired on Gostwyck Station. The stone wall surrounding the chapel was built to protect it from flood waters from the nearby Salisbury Waters. The magnificent tree lined avenue of over 200 Elms was planted by a worker who was brought out from England specifically for the task.

The site is a favourite for photographers, especially during the autumn months when the leaves of the Elm trees turn gold, providing the perfect backdrop for the Virginia Creeper covering the chapel, which changes to a brilliant red.

Visitors are welcome to picnic in the grounds of the chapel, but are requested to respect the privacy of Gostwyck Station, its owners and employees.


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