Green Cape Lighthouse

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The Green Cape Lighthouse was the first cast concrete lighthouse tower in Australia. At 29 metres it is the state’s second tallest light.

The lightstation is situated on a point of land projecting from Ben Boyd National Park, 22 kilometres south of Two Fold Bay, Eden. It is the southernmost lighthouse in New South Wales.

Problems occurred during construction when a 6 metre white clay belt was discovered forcing the foundation to be dug to 9 metres altogether.

The original Chance Brothers revolving lantern was fuelled by kerosene and mantle, and produced 100,000 candelas for a radius of 34km.

The light was electrified in 1962 and upgraded to 1,000,000 candelas in 1967.

The tower has since been replaced by the latest automated steel lattice skeleton tower with a solar powered light.


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