Landers Falls Lookout

Natural Attractions

This picturesque pocket of Kosciuszko National Park is well worth the detour off Snowy Mountains Highway. Starting from the Cumberland trail 2WD carpark, 300m from the highway, it’s a 5km walk to the lookout, or 800m from the 4WD carpark (closed winter).

You can also mountain bike as far as the 4WD carpark, where you join Landers Creek Falls walk. Breathe in the eucalypt-scented air as birds sing overhead and lizards rustle the undergrowth.

The steep last few hundred metres bring you to Talbingo lookout, high above the valley and reservoir, before you climb the final 300m to Landers Falls lookout. Perched on the rim of a deep gorge, the lookout greets you with fabulous views of Landers Creek Falls as it emerges from the cliff opposite and cascades into a rocky ravine.

The tree protruding from the lookout is a Tingiringi Gum, rare in this area of Kosciuszko National Park.

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