Little Island

Natural Attractions

Just over a kilometre from the road, Little Island is a gentle walk along the southwestern shoreline. The walk takes you through ancient forests of Banyan trees and endemic Kentia palms.

From March through to September, you can witness the incredibly rare Providence Petrels fly around the twin peaks of Mt Gower and Lidgbird. Lord Howe Island is the only place where these extraordinary birds breed, and late afternoons, they return to their burrows by the hundred. Incredibly, the birds can be called down from the sky with a loud call of ‘woo woo woo woo’! for those game enough to try. There is a beautiful patch of green grass at the end of the track, where one can sit down and soak up the stunning views of the mountains and the Tasman Sea. You can watch David Attenborough call the petrals on youtube.


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