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The iconic Maclean Tartan Power Poles were instigated by the Maclean Scottish Town Association in the year 2000 to coincide with the arrival of the Olympic Torch which was to be conveyed through the township of Maclean. The designs attracted so much favourable comment that there was ongoing considerable public demand for “Family Tartans” to be painted.

Hence the Tartan Power Pole painting was carried on through the main street and extended from there so that today they have an avenue of tartan poles in and around the streets of the main town, extending from the Harwood Bridge to the southern approach to Maclean at Ferry Park. All tartan designs have been painted by resident Maclean artist Linda El Mir.

You can stop in at Ferry Park outside of Maclean and the Scottish Shop in Maclean and pick up a free map with locations of the (over 200) Power Poles with Clan Tartans.


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