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Snorkelling with Seals Adventure, with a professional Snorkelling Vessel and Crew. They Supply Full Length Wetsuits and Quality Snorkelling Gear. Wazza’s Awesome Snorkelling Team will Guide you as you swim, snorkel or dive with playful Seals at Montague Island.

Discover your Wild Side on a Snorkelling with Seals Adventure Tour of a lifetime.

Summer is fast approaching, so book your Montague Island NPWS Discovery Tour. See Penguins, Seals, Whales and Montague Island Lighthouse.

Wazza and his friendly crew set the standard for excellence in Tourism. Join them for a Snorkelling with Seals Adventure or Montague Island Discovery Tour aboard their Awesome Tourism Vessel Eco One and see why they are voted Number One on Tripadvisor things to do in Narooma.

It’s time for some fun out on the water.
Discover your Wild side on their Awesome Tourism Vessel ECO One.

Modern, comfortable and safe with cinema style staged seating and uninterrupted waterline views its the Ultimate Snorkelling with Seals Experience.
Superior stability and exhilarating smooth dry ride and whisper quiet outboard engines, you can hear the whales breathe!

Discover your Wild Side and join them for some of the most amazing tours on the planet.



Hop onboard “Eco 1” to witness amazing humpback whales Marvel as they breach, spy hop, and flipper slaps right up close to the boat. Charter boats are allowed up to 100 metres from whales, but the rule is that if the whales approach the boat, that’s alright. It’s just a bonus. Sometimes they will come against the boat and look in at the passengers. Wow!

Also visit the magnificent Australian and New Zealand Fur Seals that make Montague Island their home. Get those cameras ready, you could see hundreds at a time, these inquisitive and curious animals will most likely swim around to check out the boat.

For bookings and enquiries phone Wazza. Come for a great day out on the water.


Enjoy the scenic trip to Montague Island where the boat will anchor in a calm and protected bay of Montague Island and you will then snorkel with the playful seals and abundant marine life.

A ‘must do’.

For bookings and enquiries phone Wazza or refer to the website. Come for a great day out on the water.

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