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Do you want to try something different? Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you want to prove you are the smartest? Do you want to spend quality time with friends and family?

Narrow Escape Rooms is located in Penrith where couples or small groups (two to six players) work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, complete a mission and escape the room.

They have two games:

Launch (60 minute game):
The clocks ticking, the aliens will be here in one hour, you are the special forces team sent in to restore defences, can you get the missiles online and stop the alien invasion?

The Inheritance
She was your favourite Aunt and she wants You to inherit her fortune! But first you must find her will!

Narrow Escape rooms is perfect for couples, families, a bunch of mates, team building and small corporate groups. The puzzles are targeted at adults, however children aged eight and above can also enjoy the Launch game with adult supervision and 12+ for The Inheritance.


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New South Wales Business Chamber
From AU$36.00

Launch (60 minute game) Prices are per player
Six players AUD36
Five players AUD38
Four players AUD40
Three players AUD42
Two players AUD45

The Inheritance (75 minute game) Prices are per player
Six players AUD40
Five players AUD43
Four players AUD45
Three players AUD50
Two players AUD55

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