Stony Beach

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Nestled in between Bare Point and Wilsons Headland lies the picturesque but slightly deceptive Stony Beach.

On approach down the track from Bare Point, this looks like a conventional, sandy beach, and one you might have a lovely swim at.

Up close, however, (more precisely as you take your first step onto the beach and your foot sinks almost to your ankles) you realise that the ‘sand’ is in fact more like ‘small stones’, and all is not as it appears.

Similarly, the watery swimming zone that looked inviting from up above turns out to be a more challenging scenario up close. Wave energy bounces in from both rocky flanks, and it’s hard to tell what lies under the surface just off the shoreline – jagged reef or smooth rock shelf.

Although it might be a challenging beach, there’s no denying its isolated beauty, and as with many beaches in the Diggers area, crowding won’t be a problem.



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