Woolpack Rocks

Natural Attractions

Woolpack Rocks is a geological wonder. Follow the track to Woolpack Rocks, where you can picnic, birdwatch and walk to the summit for views across the New England Tablelands. As you walk towards the Woolpack Rocks, their size and shape capture your gaze.

You can tell they’re ancient – in fact, they’re around 270 million years old. You can also see some of the dykes created at the same time when molten rock pushed into deep pockets within the Earth’s crust; you’re walking along a timeline.

The well-weathered boulders are 1400 metres above sea level, yet clambering to the summit is even easier than at Cathedral Rock. So, you’re getting a great scenic view for the price of a prehistoric walk and an easy climb.

**To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. For day visitors, please plan ahead and visit outside of peak periods (11am and 2pm). Check park alerts and visit COVID-19 updates for more information before visiting any park – www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au **



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