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Brogo Dam


National Parks and Reserves Natural Attractions

Distance from: 17.5 kms | Price from: Free

The locality of Brogo lies towards the northern end of the beautiful Bega Valley, approximately 20 kilometres from the township...

Pipers lookout, South East Forests National Park


Landmarks and Buildings

Distance from: 15.6 kms | Price from: Not Available

Bemboka, “Village in a Valley” was originally settled as a halfway point between Bega and Cooma. Today, Bemboka is a...

Reflections on Kungla Lake

Monaro Fly Fishing Lodging and Guiding Service

Adventure and Outdoors Tours Sightseeing Tours Sports Tours

Distance from: 12.5 kms | Price from: Not Available

Monaro Fly Fishing Lodging and Guiding Service and is based on the Monaro region on the South Eastern Tablelands. Offering...

Nimmitabel Wishing Well

Nimmitabel Heritage Walk

Historical Sites and Heritage Locations Parks and Gardens

Distance from: 23.0 kms | Price from: Free

Discover the rich history of the village of Nimmitabel by taking the Heritage Walk which explores the township and can...

Pipers lookout, South East Forest National Park. Photo credit: John Yurasek © DPIE

Pipers lookout

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 15.1 kms | Price from: Not Available

Take a break from your journey over Brown Mountain at Pipers lookout. This series of lookouts offers spellbinding views over...

Kangaroos relaxing in the sun.

Cobargo Kangaroos

Zoos, Sanctuaries, Aquariums and Wildlife Parks

Distance from: 24.8 kms | Price from: $65.00

A unique opportunity to see previously injured and orphaned kangaroos who have been hand raised and cared for, now living...

Rutherfords picnic area

Rutherfords picnic area

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 14.7 kms | Price from: Not Available

Situated between Nimmitabel and Bemboka, this tranquil picnic area is an ideal spot for a break on a car tour...

Cascades, Wadbilliga National Park. Photo: Lucas Boyd Photography/NSW Government

Wadbilliga National Park

National Parks and Reserves

Distance from: 24.3 kms | Price from: Not Available

Wadbilliga National Park features remote and rugged wilderness that will leave you feeling like you've truly escaped into the great...

Wadbilliga Road drive

Wadbilliga Road drive

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 22.2 kms | Price from: Not Available

For the 4WD adventurer with a bit of experience handling diverse terrain, this medium-difficulty route takes you through wild country...

Hop tour - processing shed

Ryefield Hops Farm Tour with Craft Beer Tastings

Food and Wine Tours Half Day or Less

Distance from: 15.8 kms | Price from: Not Available

Touch and smell hop cones straight off the bine & enjoy craft beer tastings on a hop farm. Walk through...