Gol Gol


Gol Gol was proclaimed a township in 1866; however, the village allotments did not begin to be occupied until the late 1870s.

Located on the Murray, not far from the now thriving regional centre of Mildura across the River in Victoria, the town is historically significant because it was once an important coach stop.

Coaches were vital for communication and transport in the Wentworth Shire, and were also the carriers of the Royal Mail. During the dry months they compensated for the loss of navigable waterways for the riverboats by putting on extra services for passengers.

The Gol Gol Inn was an important change and up to 200 horses could be found on the common at any one time.

It was around the inn that the town grew. A wharf also added vitality to the township.

Today, Gol Gol is a modern rapidly developing, close-knit community based on light industry.