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Wentworth ,


Transport and Hire

Adelora Houseboats


Distance from: 0.7 kms | Price from: $1425.00

Wentworth is located at the confluence of Australia's two greatest rivers, the Murray and the Darling, and enjoys the best...

Drifter Houseboat Holidays

Drifter Houseboat Holidays


Distance from: 0.6 kms | Price from: $520.00

"Drifter" is an 8 berth houseboat, moored near the junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers at the historic Port...

A 6 berth two bedroom houseboat with ensuite toilets and spacious living areas very easy to manage

Murray Darling House Boats


Distance from: 0.4 kms | Price from: $790.00

Murray Darling Houseboats Marina is private with secure parking and access to the Murray and Darling rivers.A fleet of four...