Elsey Memorial Cemetery

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Visit the final resting place of the people made famous by Jeannie Gunn’s book We of the Never Never.

Elsey Memorial Cemetery, located 20 kilometres south of Mataranka off the Stuart Highway, is of national and Territory historical significance primarily because it provides the remaining link with many of the individuals in the book.

The cemetery contains the remains of Aeneas James Gunn who moved to the station as manager and who died on 16 March 1902 of malarial dysentery only 13 months later. His grave is located next to a memorial to his wife Jeannie which reads ‘In loving Memory of the ‘Little Missus’. She died on 9 June 1961.

The cemetery remains as a tribute not only to those pioneers of the pastoral industry but also to Jeannie Gunn, whose portrayal of the Northern Territory Outback captured the imagination of a nation.




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