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Meet Aboriginal women artists from the Barkly region and learn about their art, culture and lives at Julalikari Arts.
The centre is located within the Mulga Community, on the northern outskirts of the outback town of Tennant Creek.
At Julalikari Arts you can talk with the artists and see the diverse range of artwork they produce. Their work includes painting, pottery, screen-printing and sewing, and depicts bush tucker, animals and landscapes, as well as social issues, in extravagant colour.
On any weekday, over 20 artists ranging in age from 17 to 70 years are at the centre working and welcoming visitors. Visitors are asked to observe the dress protocols and avoid wearing revealing clothing.
As Tennant Creek is a regional centre and home to many language groups, the art centre represents a melting pot of the regional art styles of the Warumungu, Warlmanpa, Warlpiri, Kaytetye, Alyawarr and Wambaya artists of the Barkly Region and beyond.
Peggy Jones, Susan Nelson, Flora Holt, Annie Grant and Lindy Brodie are some of the better-known artists working at the centre. They each have their own style, but all use exuberant colour and texture, which vibrates and glows.

Due to current health advice on social distancing, please contact the business for the most up to date information regarding opening times and services.


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