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The Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way is a unique deconstructed gallery experience. Drive the Plenty Highway to take in the landscape of the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges. 13 of the 14 double sided billboards are located for easy viewing from your car on the Plenty Highway. In total the Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way is comprised of 14 double sided artworks showcasing 28 artworks from Queensland, Northern Territory, West Australian remote and regional artists.
The Outdoor Gallery is an exciting and original concept that takes art out of the traditional gallery spaces and into the wide red landscape of the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, traditionally a part of the Eastern Arrernte nation.
Billboards 1 and 2 are located around 130kms from Alice Springs, just before the turnoff to the Gemtree Caravan Park. Continue your travels another 111kms towards the Queensland border for the final 2 billboards. Billboard 5 is located in the Engawala community, 25kms off the Plenty Highway, you are welcome to visit the Engawala Art Centre Monday to Friday 10 – 1pm
For the map and more information about the exhibition, go to the website: outbackway.gallery
Artwork prints and originals are available for sale via the website.


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Billboards 6 -11 at Harts Range section of the Plenty Highway

Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way

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