The Amphitheatre

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Take a break at the Amphitheatre – a pocket of monsoon rainforest located along the Jatbula Trail. The Amphitheatre is located 26 kilometres from Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk) and is a favourite resting place of many who walk the trail. Walkers arrive on the third day of the iconic 4-5-day bushwalk. A short, steep set of steps descends into the Amphitheatre, which is a U-shaped gorge filled with monsoon rainforest – a welcomed change from the rugged country already traversed.

You will feel as if you have entered an enchanted world of moss-covered boulders and clear rock pools. Look for the Aboriginal rock art on The Amphitheatre’s walls, which was left there by the Jawoyn and Dagoman people. The Jatbula Trail is a 62 kilometre one-way trek that starts at the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre and finishes at Leliyn/Edith Falls.


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