Timber Creek Police Station Complex

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Timber Creek Police Station was the centre of administration for the northern Victoria River District from 1908-1930s. From it, European policemen and Aboriginal trackers patrolled vast areas and were involved in the ‘pacification’ of Aboriginal people of the area. It has significance as the focal centre for the Timber Creek community.

The first police station was built in 1898, the second in 1908 and the third in 1932, which served as the police station until the early 1980s. There are no remains of the first police station. The 1908 police station has historic significance as the centre of administration for the Victoria River District until the 1930s and the focal centre for the Timber Creek community. It is a rare surviving example of an early Northern Territory Police Station from the South Australian period of administration. The 1932 building has social and historical significance in the continued role of the police station as an administrative and community centre for a widespread and isolated community.


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Timber Creek Police Station Complex

Timber Creek, Victoria Daly

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