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Tiwi Design, located on Bathurst Island, started from a small Catholic Presbytery in 1969. Two young men, Bede Tungatalum and Giovanni Tipungwuti, worked with the art teacher, Madeline Clear, to produce woodblock prints. The artists soon began to transfer their designs onto silk screens and printing textiles quickly became a major activity.

Today, Tiwi Design artists provide diverse works across many mediums, including fine art sculptures and paintings. The ceramic studio produces sculptural pieces that combine traditional and contemporary elements that never fail to surprise.

Tiwi Design is a member of the Tiwi Art Network and can be visited via their Tiwi Island Art Tour.


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Tiwi Design - artists, Tiwi Islands Area Northern Territory

Tiwi Design Aboriginal Corporation

Wurrumiyanga, Tiwi Islands

Tiwi models wearing Bima Wear clothing

Bima Wear

Wurrumiyanga, Tiwi Islands

Visitors are welcomed to Bathurst Island with a ceremony

Tiwi Islands

Wurrumiyanga, Tiwi Islands


Nguiu Catholic Church Precinct, Bathurst Island

Wurrumiyanga, Tiwi Islands

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