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Wild Honey Travels is the only female owned and operated service of it’s kind in Central Australia. Delivering professional bush passenger charters and quality private or small group tours for locals and visitors of Central Australia. A service that is safe, comfortable, happy, and reliable. Respectful of the first people, cultures and land of the countries on which we travel and visit. Experiences are characterised by awareness, curiosity, compassion and respect. The bush passenger charters travel anywhere in the Northern Territory and across borders where permitted. Tours are short to full day experiences within a three and a half hour radius of Alice Springs. A business which enables visitors to gain insight and interaction with the Aboriginal cultures and peoples of Central Australia, incorporating wisdom, truth telling, contemporary and popular cultures, progressive thought and current affairs. A business with a social conscience which contributes to micro-economies.


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A day trip from Alice Springs, seize the day, spend an extended amount of time at one of the most exquisite destinations in the West MacDonnell Ranges – Ormiston Gorge. Easy to Medium walks across semi-arid country, 5 minutes to 3.5 hours. Easy walks – flat, compact dirt paths. Medium walks – dirt paths, sandy creek bed, up/down hill and or scrambling over rocks. Soaring orange cliffs hang high above a once raging watercourse that left behind a lazy waterhole. There are boulders to lie upon like a lazy lizard in the hot sun after a swim (warmer months). Walk, swim, explore nature, relax, contemplate, dream! If inclined, a visit to beautiful Glen Helen on the salty sands of the ancient and wet Finke River, abreast the majestic Mt Sonder is not out of the question. But a 10 minute drive from Ormiston Gorge. Bring your own snacks and lunch or eat at the quaint Ormiston Gorge Cafe.
Includes: West MacDonnell Ranges; Ormiston Pound 3-4 hour loop, Medium; Ghost Gum 1.5 hour loop, Medium; Ghost Gum Lookout 30 min return, Medium;
Waterhole 10 min return, Easy WC accessible;
Swim in Ormiston Gorge (warmer months).

Disabled Access


Stunning landscape – Simpsons Gap and Stanley Chasm in the West MacDonnell Ranges are part of the home lands of local Arrarnta people. It holds a special energy. Walk & wonder at the geological magnificence and the ancient lessons it holds. Connect with the souls of your feet in the sand. Allow your eyes to feast. Native vegetation nurtures the body, mind and spirit. Your troubles will fall away. Support the local Arrarnta community cafe. Visit a local art gallery and where available, meet with descendants of Arrarnta and neighbouring home lands who express living two ways, a contemporary life through water colour paintings. A legacy of acclaimed artist, Albert Namatjira and others.
Includes: Short Town Tour; West MacDonnell Ranges;
Simpsons Gap – easy, WC accessible; Standley Chasm – easy, WC accessible; Many Hands Art Centre or Araluen Art Gallery; Meet with a Local (when available); Paint with Artists (on arrangement).

Disabled Access

From $650 to $900

Keeping culture, drawing and painting stories for 10’s of 1000’s of years, in 1934 the Western Arrarnta community met with a peculiar representation of Country in water colour paintings at the Hermannsburg Lutheran Mission. Igniting the imagination of residents, a movement of water colour artists was born. There was money, accolades, citizenship as well as challenge, burden and strife. Explore the legacy of the great Hermannsburg Water Colour movement. Learn about the relentless pursuit of justice by Albert’s family – The Namatjira Project. Tour includes: short town tour; Hermannsburg Historical Precinct; Namatjira House; meet with a Western Arrarnta person (when available); attend Many Hands Art Centre or Araluen Art Gallery; swim at Ormiston Gorge (8hr tour only – warmer months)

Disabled Access

From $650 to $950

The Western Arrarnta People have been keeping culture, singing stories for 10’s of 1000’s of years. In 1877, Lutheran Pastors from Germany arrived on horseback and settled by an ancient River. Together they interpreted new songs in the tradition of Christianity and Western Arrarnta Language. Their voices echoed across this arid land reaching many other language groups. In the 1960’s, the choir movement reached its pinnacle. Then a resurgence occurred when British Guyana born Choir Master happened to visit Alice Springs in 2006. Come, visit the roots of The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s choir. Learn about their story, living in some of Australia’s most remote outback Aboriginal Communities. On the world’s stage they perform 16th Century baroque, in language, along with early romantic hymns – Sydney Opera House, German Cathedrals, Washington DC and more. Featured in the documentary The Song Keepers, these are the strong voices of community and culture. Tour includes: West MacDonnell Ranges; Hermannsburg Historical Precinct; Bethlehem Lutheran Church (when available); meet with a proud Western Arrarnta person (when available); swim in Ormiston Gorge (9 hour tour only – warmer months); Yes We Can (customise for you).

Disabled Access

From $85 to $530

Curious about contemporary and popular Australian Cultures, living two ways upon ancient lands? Come, meet and chat with one of the mob. Expect the unexpected. This is a unique opportunity to meet with a proud Central Australian Aboriginal person. To listen and share stories in a dignified way. Let’s journey – awareness, curiosity, compassion and respect!

Disabled Access

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