Window on the Wetlands

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Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre’s interactive displays explain the Aboriginal and European histories of the area, the ecology, seasonal changes and the abundant wildlife of the northern coastal wetlands. It is perched on Beatrice Hill, one of the highest points overlooking the Adelaide River floodplains.

Flooded for half of the year and baked for the other half, this is a region of great contrasts. Enjoy superb views across the wetlands and spectacular sunsets. Spend some time in the visitors centre to learn more about the wetlands themselves and the complex ecology of the area, and detailed information about the region’s Aboriginal and European history, and its animal diversity.

The Limilngan-Wulna people call Beatrice Hill Ludawei. The three hills represent Turtle Dreaming called ‘Lulak’, an important site within the culture of the Limilgan-Wulna people.

Check out the Parks Alice program for information on free, seasonal walks and talks in the region


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