The Outback Horse Show

Exhibition and Shows

16 Jun 2018 to 4 Jul 2018

For centuries all over the world people have been mystified, delighted and often fallen in love with The Horse.

On cattle stations here in the outback we work, we play and we enjoy the special relationships that we build with our horses. They become our partners despite the great bridge between us; the predator and the prey animal. How do we convince these peaceful herbivores to listen to us, obey us, care for us and respect us?

Be delighted as we unravel the mystery for you here at the Outback Horse Show right in the heart of a working cattle Station only 30km from Alice Springs.

Natural horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses understanding their instinctive nature and mimicking their behavioural ways in a herd. If we watch horses in a herd we can derive techniques to build a partnership with them that might closely resemble the relationship that they have with each other.

Join Evan Casey ; horseman, cattleman, cameleer, animal trainer & former Outback ringer as he demonstrates the perfect balance with the most mystical of all creatures….. The Horse

You wont want to miss this amazing event during your trip to the Central Desert.

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