Undoolya Stations Australian National Bronco Branding Championships

Sporting Events

14 Sep 2018 to 16 Sep 2018

In May,1984, RM Williams with Ted Hayes from Undoolya Station held the very first bronco branding competition at Blatherskite Park , Alice Springs, NT .

Bronco Branding is Australia’s traditional method of branding cattle in the outback. This unique method of branding cattle has been practiced on most of the cattle stations throughout Australia. It involves the stockmen mustering the mob and holding them, whilst the catcher, usually the head stockman or experienced ringer, ropes an unbranded beast (clean skin) from his horse. The catch is pulled to the bronco panel or a tree, leg ropes are applied and used to secure the beast to the ground.

This method is still used on large remote cattle stations today, but holding yards have been built to confine the mob. Using this method, cattle can be mustered and branded in one day without drafting. It eliminates the cost of building large drafting yards or driving cattle long distances . There are two divisions:
Singles, Doubles.
Novice, Ladies and kids events are also a part of the day .
A gymkhana will also be held the following day .


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