Live, local, original music to welcome your weekend!

Live on Fridays in 2023 brings you the best soloists and laid back duos from April – June in the Brown’s Mart Courtyard. 12 weeks of chill music and cool drinks are the perfect way to wind down at the end of a working week. Friends and colleagues can grab a table for this iconic Friday afternoon ritual. We’ll surprise you with the perfect mix of well-loved established musicians with exciting emerging talents – just get your mates and we’ll do the rest.

Artist Bio – Serina Pech is a singer, song-writer based now in Darwin for the past 4 years. A great story-teller in her lyrics with sweet, gripping and at times haunting vocals. She is able transport you to another world, time, place or setting no matter who or where you are. Her sound is ever-evolving as she explores new collaborations with other artists across disciplines. Into a private and intimate world Serina’s songs involve themes of death, hope or entering the mind of another. Raw connection is something felt within even the more simplistic of her songs and is not something to be missed.

Production note: This event is held outdoors.

Content: Acoustic Live Music comprising original songs and covers chosen by the musician.

In an evening of soaring words and melodies, an electric line-up of artists perform heartfelt verses and rhymes that challenge us to listen – to ourselves, to others, to the world. Capturing quieter moments of everyday life, the sounds of nature, or voices misunderstood, these remarkable poets encourage us to take sit up and take notice of the beauty and complexity around us.

Featuring: Ellen van Neerven, Victoria Alondra, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Laurie May, Dave Clark, Jo Yang, Glen Hunting, Jeanine Leane, and Stephanie Powell.

Music: Xavia Nou

Generously sponsored by Power and Water.

Music has the power to transport us to the past, unlocking potent memories. In this unforgettable night of memoir and melody, a brilliant line-up of artists share something from the soundtrack of their lives, regaling you with indelible experiences evoked by a song.

Featuring: Laurie May, Tanya Heaslip, Kodivine, Steve Hodder Watt, Jo Yang.

Throughout her essays and memoirs, Kim Mahood traces the contours of landscapes across cultural faultlines, probing at the contradictions that arise when different ways of understanding collide. In this wide-ranging conversation, Kim discusses her new collection of essays, Wandering with Intent, and her lifelong endeavour to make sense of the arid environments that have shaped her.

Facilitator: Eleanor Hogan

Presented in partnership with Alice Springs Public Library.

Photo Credit: Sam Druce (Kim Mahood headshot)”

In 1971, at Papunya, a revolutionary new form of cultural expression emerged that profoundly changed Australian art – Papunya Tula Art. In his lavishly illustrated new book, Dot, Circle & Frame, John Kean examines the role of four key artists – Kaapa Tjampitjinpa, Tim Leura, Clifford Possum and Johnny Warangula – in the making of this internationally significant movement, and shows how a new vision of ceremony and Country was constructed.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Anmatyerr knowledge keepers – Michael Tommy, Johnny Jack, Martin Hagen, Joel Liddle and others – give an unmissable sunset performance of the Possum althart (public ceremony), bringing vividly to life the ceremonial underpinnings of Tim Leura’s 1974 painting, Pulapa Inkata (Possum ceremony). After the performance, Johnny Warangula’s descendants – historian Mike Warangula Tjakamarra and contemporary painter Watson Corby Tjungurrayi – join John for a discussion about the ongoing significance of Papunya artists today.

Facilitator: TBC

Running from 4:30pm to 9pm, the Harmony Soiree is a free event designed to celebrate the rich and diverse multicultural community of the Northern Territory.

Join Darwin’s multicultural communities for fun-filled activities, delicious food and colourful dancing performances.

At twilight, release your decorated lantern into the lagoon and watch as it floats away at sunset.

Alice Springs is built on Arrernte country, at a place called Mparntwe, belonging to the Mparntwe-arenye people. Doris Stuart Kngwarreye, Apmereke–artwye (traditional custodian) for Mparntwe, would like to invite writers and storytellers to join her on a guided tour, through her homeland, Mparntwe.

Cost: By donation. Kngwarreye sees these tours as part of her sacred duty of looking after country and feels setting a price will cheapen it. Any donations will be used to cover costs and to assist Doris and her families to continue to live and work for their country.

Relax and enjoy a stress-relieving massage or cool tropical juice.

Darwin’s oldest market is situated only 20 minutes from Darwin city, in the Rapid Creek Business Village. Come on down for a massage, followed with a relaxing Sunday brunch, before browsing the stalls for fresh organic produce, Asian fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, exotic plants, flowers and seafood. You’ll also find a range of local handmade crafts for that special gift.

Buses from Darwin city and Casuarina stop by the market on a regular basis.

The Australian Masters Indoor Cricket Championships will be held in the Northern Territory for the first time in 20+ years. The Palmerston Indoor Sports Centre will be hosting 26 teams across 5 divisions. Australia’s state and territory representative teams will battle it out for National glory.

Live, local, original music to welcome your weekend!

Walykulyun (Stuart Gaykanangu) is from Ramingining, Arnhem Land, NT and has been a regular Darwin resident over many years. A multi instrumentalist, Walykulyun is a particularly talented vocalist / keyboard player who sings in both native tongue and English. He has performed at the Mbantua Festival, the National Indigenous Remote Media Festival in Ntaria and the Indigenous Economic Forum in Alice Springs, where his piano playing and stirring vocals impressed delegates from all over the country. In 2013 Walykulyun recorded a special rendition of the popular Christmas carol Silent Night in the East Arnhem Land dialect of Yolngu Martha – a language spoken only by about 4,600 people.

Nyingurta (Katrina Connelly) is from the APY Lands in South Australia and has recently relocated to Darwin, NT. She is from the community known as Pipalyatjara / Kalka. Nyingurta is a musician, singer / song writer and Artist who paints on canvass about her country to tell the story of her dreaming. Dreaming about the witchetty grub, the 26 parrot and Malara the water snake. Nyingurta sings in both native tongue and English and has never recorded her music, only recently (March 2023) giving her first live performance at the First Sunday Blues at Tracy Village, Darwin, Northern Territory, which was very well received by all who attended.