Anchor Bommie Dive Site

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Lady Elliot Island has many wonderful dive sites, but one of its most impressive is Anchor Bommie. This tower of coral sits on the sandy sea floor at 21 metres and stands 10 metres tall, a very imposing sight. Riddled with ledges and small caves, the bommie is often swarming with cardinalfish, which are in turn fed upon by patrolling packs of trevally.

Checkout all the ledges and you will find coral trout, coral cod, leaf scorpionfish, moray eels, tasselled wobbegongs and maybe even a Spanish dancer nudibranch. The sand surrounding Anchor Bommie is a good place to see whitetip reef sharks, stingrays, shovelnose rays, turtles and garden eels. But don’t forget to look up as manta rays circle the top of this bommie to get cleaned by the resident cleaner wrasse.


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