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Aussie Macro Photos is the brainchild of Bridgette Gower, a Macro Photographer in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Her images capture the beauty of the miniature lifeforms that will often go unnoticed in the undergrowth. In a brand-new enterprise not offered in Cairns previously, Bridgette is now running Guided Tours for those interested in seeing and or photographing some of the many of the lifeforms she has photographed in the Cairns Botanic Gardens. Her 600 plus hours spent in the gardens has allowed her to become aware of many host plants and locations for a variety of caterpillars, cocoons, moths and butterflies, leaf, tree and planthoppers, praying mantis, jumping spiders, tortoise beetles, damselflies and dragonflies.
During the Wet Season in Cairns (usually November to May), there are many beautiful and unusual fungi to be found and photographed.


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For the love of bugs and all beautiful miniature creatures comes a tour like no other!

Let’s Go Buggin gives the nature enthusiast a tour with a difference.

From the brains behind many much-loved images on Aussie Macro Photos, Cairns photographer Bridgette Gower has created the first of its kind tour in Cairns the offers something for everyone from curious kids to professional photographers.

The tour takes place in tropical paradise – Cairns Botanic Gardens, Bridgette will share with you several bug-hubs she has discovered that hides the most elusive beauties!

The tour will introduce to many creatures including frogs, caterpillars, beetles and jumping spiders.

Professional photographers will love fast-tracking to that ‘go-to’ spot to see beautiful creatures to capture.

The tours are also perfect to inspire your child’s imagination and spark their curiosity when they see the beauty and weirdness that nature offers.

Tours run daily at 9.30 am and 2.30 pm, bookings are essential. Professional photography equipment is not required (however we do offer a hire service), and tour participants can capture amazing shots using a smartphone.

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For Photographers, Nature Lovers and Curious Kids.

Join renowned macro photographer Bridgette Gower on a small group night walk tour to explore the nocturnal world of Frogs, Insects, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Spiders in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Bridgette has expertise of the many lifeforms that appear in the various areas of the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Most of the animals seen only come out at night so it provides a great opportunity to see animals you’ve never seen.

“Night Walks are a fantastic opportunity to see some animals we rarely see!” Says tour creator Bridgette Gower. “From frogs to beetles, spiders & crickets, this tour is a welcome addition for visitors to Cairns as well as something new for locals to experience.”

Other animals that can be seen on a Let’s Go Buggin Night Walk include Micro-bats, Papuan frogmouth birds, Striped possums, Speckled flying foxes, Longicorn beetles and occasionally Snakes, Pademelons and Echidnas.

The walks are a great opportunity for photographers who would love to just go-to that spot to capture amazing images of some nocturnal critters.

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