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Walking tours are becoming more and more popular around the globe and are now even available as virtual tours. Cairns Urban Walking Tours is the premier company in Cairns to offer such tours.

You can find Cairns Urban Walking Tours on TourHQ, Airbnb, Trip Advisor as well as local tour agencies. They offer group tours and private tours for tourists and locals alike.

You will experience Cairns in a completely new way and see it in a different light. The rich history, culture, art and food that Cairns has to offer is brought and explained to you in an interesting and entertaining way.



With Cairns being the second Hipster capital of Australia, it’s no wonder it is so cool (“hip”!). But what makes it Hipster and why do Hipsters play such an important role in larger society? They will explore the influential Hipster culture in Cairns through food, cafes, street art, elite barbers, and vintage shops. Find out how much your life has been influenced by hipsters, or if you’re a closet hipster….!

The tour is approximately 1.5 hours long and covers approximately 8 city blocks. Suitable for all walking levels. Approximately 4000 steps.

Disabled Access

Family Friendly


Cairns may be a pretty face but its history is also rich and deep, going back 40,000 years. Explore beyond the rain forest and reef to the ancient and recent history, complete with stories and photograph-able architecture, art and landmarks. Learn about the traditional owners, explorers, and settlers.

Disabled Access

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