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Green Island is the closest coral reef to Cairns, and located on the inner side of the reef it doesn’t have the crystal clear water found on the outer reefs. However, this pretty coral cay is a great place to snorkel, and also has a few good dive sites.

Green Island is easily reached on a day trip out of Cairns and is very popular with snorkelers, and for good reason. Around the island are coral gardens and sea grass beds, where a good population of reef fish can be seen. Snorkelers are also likely to see turtles, reef sharks and stingrays. The jetty is a popular snorkelling site as well, as schools of fish linger between the pylons.

For divers there are coral gardens to explore in depths to 15 metres. In deeper water divers will see lionfish, batfish, turtles, reef sharks, moray eels, nudibranchs and octopus.



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Fitzroy Island Dive Site

Fitzroy Island Dive Site

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Green Island Parasailing, beautiful blue water, can see Turtles and other marine life from the air.

Green Island Parasailing

Green Island, Cairns

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Green Island National Park

Green Island, Cairns

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