Heron Bommie

Natural Attractions

Heron Island’s most famous dive site is the always spectacular Heron Bommie. Located just outside the harbour, this group of six bommies is found on a sandy slope in depths from 8 metres to 18 metres. The bommies themselves are colourful, decorated with corals, but are often ignored as divers are two busy marvelling at the fish, turtles and other marine life.

Heron Bommie is a haven for marine life, on a typical dive you will see tasselled wobbegong sharks, whitetip reef sharks, stingrays, coral trout, batfish, gropers, sweetlips, snappers, hussars, emperors, trevally, barracuda and many other species. And the best thing about Heron Bommie is that the fish are so accustom to divers that they are happy to pose for your camera. Green turtles are a feature of the site, as they use the bommies as a resting place. It is not uncommon to see a dozen turtles on a dive. This site is also a good place to see nudibranchs, moray eels, shrimps, crabs and octopus, and as the site is a giant cleaning station don’t be surprised if a manta ray turns up to get its daily service.



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