Michaelmas Reef Dive Site

Natural Attractions

Michaelmas Reef is another of the wonderful dive sites off Cairns. A coral cay is located at the southern end of the reef and is home to thousands of sea birds, but more interesting for divers is the fact the island is a nesting place for turtles. As such turtles are very common at Michaelmas Reef and are encountered on almost every dive.

Around Michaelmas Reef are coral gardens and numerous coral heads to explore in depths from 6 metres to 20 metres. Banana Bommie is a popular dive site here, and a good place to see reef sharks, pelagic fish and even manta rays. Some of the best diving and snorkel is found adjacent to the coral cay. Swimming between the coral heads at this site, divers will encounter stingrays, gropers, reef sharks and resting turtles.