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Encompassing the towns of Cunnamulla, Eulo, Yowah and surrounding districts, Out the Back Australia Tours have captured the very best of life in rural Australia and rolled it into a selection of fun, action packed, hands on adventures. The region is rich in history, Aussie larrikins, wildlife, and natural beauty and wonder and is just about as “outback” as you can get.

Each tour invites you to take part in authentic outback experiences including sheep shearing and wool handling, farming demonstrations, homestead and property visits, opal tours, bird watching, fishing and kayaking on the Warrego River, sand boarding, mineral mud baths, a camp oven dinner and a good old fashioned “pub crawl”. No other tours allow you to get this “up close and personal” with the true soul of the Australian outback.

The tours have been designed specifically to allow tourists to sample real-life outback experiences and to get their hands dirty in the spirit of adventure and fun. Their tours will entice tourists young and old, from all around the country and the globe to sample everything that the region has to offer.



This Outback Exploration tour has been designed for adventure travellers and backpackers wanting to get in touch with the real soul of the Australian outback. Over nine glorious days you will get up close and personal with nature, wildlife, outback characters get off the beaten track to explore and experience real life in the outback with this hands on adventure of a lifetime. Departures are available from both Brisbane and Sydney so you don’t have to backtrack and can experience more of the outback.

With departures from Brisbane or Sydney you get up close to nature and wildlife, experience Aboriginal culture, meet the very special local characters and have a farm stay.
There is no better insight into the outback culture as this tour is guided by locals with a true passion for their home towns and life in the outback.

If you would like to spend your nights under a blanket of stars and your days surrounded by nature, red dirt and clear blue skies this tour will result in memories of a lifetime.

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Over five days this backpacker tour allows adventure travellers to sample a short break in the Outback. Our Queensland holidays for backpackers are great where time and money are tight as the tour package is all inclusive.

Spend time getting to know Cunnamulla and surrounding districts with fellow travellers. Prepare to be amazed at the untouched nature and wildlife as you experience true outback Australia.

You will head for the magnificent Warrego River to embark on a kayak journey along the windy banks lined with a canopy of wildlife and birdlife. Later you head for the adrenalin rush of sand-boarding and sledding down the massive natural dunes. Enjoy the campfire dinner and take the unique opportunity to master the ancient aboriginal art of playing the didgeridoo.

Stroll along the banks of the Warrego River on the “Wallaby Walk” and walk the 75 metre “Indiana Jones” style swinging footbridge. Arriving at the homestead of Rocky Station meet station owners Chris and Mike Webster.

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The outback in Australia is the perfect holiday location to become one with nature and wildlife. There’s no better way get in touch with real Australians, real wildlife and nature than immersing yourself into the outback on a tour with Out the Back Australia. There’s no need to rough it we provide luxury, quality and authentic outback fun all the way.

Get up close and personal with nature and experience real-life in the outback. Meet the local characters and get to places not open to the public. Come into their community and be a local the time you are with them. Take a historical tour of the town including local organic farming. At Rocky Station enjoy the “Wallaby Walk”, act out your “Indiana Jones” fantasy, navigate your way across the 70 metre swinging footbridge and relish the country hospitality offered by Chris and Mike. Relax as you cruise the Warrego River enjoying the tranquil surrounds, history, bird and wildlife capped off by a magnificent sunset. Experience Yowah the only place in the world you can fossick for your own “Yowah Nut”. At the heritage town of Eulo visit the Mud Springs before embarking on the sights of Eulo.

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From $20 to $60

The outback in Australia certainly is an amazing place that creates a plethora of unique activities for the individual or the family alike. One such activity is sand-boarding down the natural dunes in Cunnamulla one of the most surprising locations in Queensland’s outback when it comes to taking part in unique outback adventure experiences in Australia.

Highlights include: large natural sand dune, toboggan or sand-board, bird and wildlife.

Get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping as you hit the slopes for an action packed hardcore adventure. With the massive sand dune just outside Cunnamulla, you can take one of our sand-boards or sleds for a thrilling ride down the sandy slopes. It’s a tough climb all the way to the top but well worth the effort as you speed your way down to the bottom. Based on skill, this sport is similar to snowboarding – you can wind your way to the bottom or simply go full speed in a straight line.

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Family Friendly


Experience first hand life on a farm in the outback surrounded by nature and wildlife. Australia has some harsh and rugged land in the outback that comes alive with the outback characters and wildlife.

This tour not only includes luxurious accommodation at the Club Boutique Hotel, but also includes return airfares from Brisbane. This tour offers amazing opportunities to immerse yourself in the nature and wildlife of the region, gain an insight into the history of Cunnamulla, enjoy some delicious meals, meet local characters and more!

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Delivering the ultimate Australian Outback family adventure holidays Out the Back Australia provides the opportunity for families to bond and enjoy activities together as well as giving mum and dad time out for themselves. Surrounded by nature expect to see lots of wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies and emu’s.

Travel to Yowah the only place in the world where you can fossick for your own “Yowah Nut”, a special type of opal only found around Yowah. Visit one of the local opal galleries and watch a display of opal cutting and polishing.

Depart Yowah for the heritage town of Eulo and visit the Mud Springs before embarking on the sights of Eulo.

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Travel in Australia offers so many opportunities to get in touch with nature. There is simply no better way to become fully immersed in nature, culture, wildlife and birdlife than cruising the Warrego River until Sunset on one of their special tours.

Tour highlights include cruising the coffee coloured waters of the Warrego River, bird and wildlife, enjoy a beer or wine with savouries, local guide, magnificent sunset on the water.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a boat cruise along the scenic Warrego River with a keen, local guide who has a real passion of the river. An abundance of spectacular bird and wildlife, river gums and local history will mesmerise you as you slowly cruise along the beautiful calm waters of the Warrego River. Enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine and savouries as you experience a magnificent outback sunset over the water. With a limit of just five passengers per cruise, an intimate and unique experience is assured.

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Designed with local opal miners this tour package offers travellers the unique opportunity to explore Yowah and experience all aspects of opal mining in Australia’s oldest opal mines. Their mine tours invite tourists to fossick and discover their own opal with the guidance of an experienced local miner to cut and polish your precious gem.

Uncover Australia’s precious national gemstones in the outback. Opal mining is tough work but will get your adrenalin pumping as you fossick for that perfect Yowah Nut. Yowah is the only place in the world you can find this type of opal, which is encased in ironstone. Join the adventure and experience this unique outback tour with the locals.

This tour is extremely hands on making it one of the awesome Queensland holidays you just must do. Highlights include, Yowah is the only place in the world you can find a type of opal called a Yowah Nut, tour of Yowah town and bluff, taste the world’s only date wine, experience a mud bath, tour Eulo and Cunnamulla, enjoy a sunset river cruise on the Warrego River and outside dining around a huge campfire were you can enjoy a three course dinner with local characters.

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Toss out the iPad as there is no better family holiday than bonding in the Australian outback. With clear blue skies in the days and a million stars at night the action and entertainment will be exciting for all. Surrounded by wildlife, characters and nature relax, unwind and embrace this opportunity to explore real life in the outback

While your kids discover real freedom there is time for Mum and Dad to kick back and relax as your tour guides do all the work on these Queensland holidays. Activities include bare foot bowls, kayaking, outdoor dining around a campfire, swinging footbridge, Wallaby Nature Walk, visit a farm stay, natural hot spa, opal mine tour, mud springs, sunset river cruise, sand-boarding, Cunnamulla, Eulo and Yowah town and industry tours. Get out in the clean outback air with us for the greatest family vacations.

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Immerse yourself in the Drovers Campfire Dinner and Show where larger than life, retired boss drover, Les Capewell, will have you laughing and the whip cracking like a true blue Australian outback legend.

Sit back and relax around the Gidyea coal campfire in the grounds of the Club Boutique Hotel. A historically significant venue which had previously been the location of the ‘Crazy Cottage.’ A cottage where many a shearer, drover, ringer, swagman, bullockie, cameleer and coach driver once stood, before the ball bearing drovers took over and changed Australia forever.

Les will entertain you with his larrikin tales of days on the droving trail with his wife Nancy and big mobs of sheep and cattle. They covered most of Australia, including Outback, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

If Les is out of action, another local entertainer will be available to keep you equally amused.
During the show you will be served a two delicious juicy roasted meats and all the roasted veggie trimmings.

Join them for a great time and a great Dinner! They offer a 100 per cent money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied so you can’t lose!

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From $40 to $160

The Warrego River, which runs through, Cunnamulla is truly an amazing place to experience everything nature has to offer. There’s no better way to experience it than in a kayak where the sheer magnitude of this natural wonderland becomes evident.

Highlights include tranquil settings, no crocodiles, bird and wildlife, lost Forest of river gums, hidden Sandy Island, Kayak hire available with maps.

Grab a kayak and explore the Warrego River for a few hours or a whole day. Take a picnic lunch, go fishing, animal and bird watch or just enjoy the silence.

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From $35 to $60

Learn about the history of the town and industries in Cunnamulla with a passionate and knowledgeable guide. Drive through the quaint streets of Cunnamulla and become captivated by the colourful stories which paint the town.

Tour highlights include organic farming, tour commentary by a local up to third generation, learn the secrets of the town’s past legends, fun and friendly, meet some locals and enjoy smoko halfway.

Take a tour of Cunnamulla with one of the team from Out the Back Australia. You are guaranteed to return with cramps in your cheeks from laughing so much. As you make your way around town you will get to meet some of the locals and learn all about this pioneering rural outpost called Cunnamulla. You get to experience local industry not open to the public such as state of the art organic farming on a scale that will blow your mind! Learn about the many legends past and present of our town and you will be amazed at what is happening. See where they caught the last man hanged in Queensland for the crime of robbery and hear the stories of once grand buildings and homes now just relics of the past.

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