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Located in Bongaree (Bribie Island), Red Beach is the perfect spot to catch a sunset and soak up the sun. This eight-kilometre beach can be accessed from Tully Street after a walk along a vegetation path that leads out to the sandy shores.

This Bribie Island dog-friendly allows for leashed dogs to run, swim and play. Red Beach generally doesn’t experience rough waves, which is perfect for families and dog owners to take a relaxing dip with their pooches. After some kilometres, Red Beach meets up with Woody Bay (close to Woorim Beach). Woody Bay is also a dog-friendly beach, perfect for dog owners who want to take a long walk during low tide with their pooch.


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Ferryman Cruises Bribie Island

Ferryman Cruises Bribie Island

Banksia Beach, Moreton Bay


Bribie Island Bicentennial Trails

Banksia Beach, Moreton Bay

A choice of three trips, the Jolly Roger, the Brisbane Buccaneer and the Pumicestone Chase

Bribie’s Moreton Bay Jetski Hire and Ride

Sandstone Point, Moreton Bay

Large triangular tent made out of sticks and branches on the beach at sunset

Red Beach

Bongaree, Moreton Bay

A picture of the lagoon that is located in the Buckley

Buckley’s Hole Conservation Park

Bongaree, Moreton Bay

A number of boats off Bongaree Beach, Bribie Island

Bongaree Beach

Bongaree, Moreton Bay

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