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Luxury and Private Charters around Moreton Bay.

Sovereign Lady is a 75ft Monte Fino vessel that charters the stunning waters of Moreton Bay. The yacht can accommodate up to 46 passengers for day trips and up to six people for short stays.

With spacious living and relaxation areas and a beautiful entertaining deck, Sovereign Lady offers luxury and private charters on Moreton Bay. From a day trip to an exclusive short getaway, Sovereign Lady can create a special and memorable time for you and your guests.

With a backdrop of awe-inspiring scenery Moreton Bay rivals the most idyllic destinations globally. Our destinations include Peel Island, Moreton Island, Tangalooma, Coochiemudlo Island and North Stradbroke Island.

The types of charters we offer include corporate events, parties and family day trips, romantic overnight cruises, full weekend cruises to short get-aways (3-5 days), Christmas parties, weddings, whale watching and more.

One thing that makes Sovereign Lady unique is our ability to offer a wide range of water sports, from jet ski and wakeboarding for the adventurous at heart to paddleboards and kayaking, and more.

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks, or we can also organise a scrumptious seafood platter or meal including fresh prawns, bugs or oysters. In addition, Sovereign Lady supplies light refreshments on board, including tea, coffee, fruit, cheese, and crackers.


Peel Island is a natural wonderland, and part of its popularity lies in the fact that it can only be accessed by water.

You can swim, fish or sunbathe from the waters of this small, heritage-listed island located off Redlands Coast.

Peel Island’s white sandy beach and clear water make it ideal for watersports. You can snorkel, paddleboard, go kayaking or for the more adventurous jet ski or wakeboard.
It’s known for its natural beauty, with bird and animal life – and if you are lucky, you may catch a snapper off ‘the wrecks’.

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Mulgumpin meaning’ place of sandhills’

Moreton Island Sandhills offer a thrill and a good old-fashioned sense of fun.

Located on the southern tip of Moreton Island, the small hike up the hills is nothing compared to the thrill of flying down on a toboggan.

The scenery is breathtaking, with spectacular views of the uninhabited landscape and the sweeping hues, from turquoise to deep blue, of the water across the Bay.
The sand dunes provide a stunning backdrop and glow bright white in the mornings and orange and pink shades at sunset.

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The Iconic Wrecks

Tangalooma is one of the most iconic and picturesque anchorages in Moreton Bay, and the wrecks are considered one of Australia’s best-snorkelling destinations.

In 1963, 15 ships were scuttled to create a break wall for small boats which were island hopping.

Now, there is an underwater paradise set among the dramatic rusting shipwrecks.

Lady Sovereign offers everything you need to enjoy this snorkelling with an abundance of fish and sea life.
Nearby, Tangalooma Island Resort can also be visited with a casual day pass.

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‘Red Rock’

With an emerald fridge of lush bushland, Coochiemudlo, which means ‘red rock’, lies quietly in Moreton Bay.

The island has significant natural habitats and an abundance of wildlife. Migratory birds, dolphins, dugong, and armies of soldier crabs that march across the sand at low tide.
Coochie’s peaceful ambience and outstanding views have inspired many island artists, with plenty of local arts and crafts, to browse at the island markets.

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For a sumptuous seafood lunch and a superb, picturesque backdrop, nothing beats the Little Ship Club on North Stradbroke Island.

The Club started life as a Volunteer Coastal Patrol (VCP) and a Naval Auxiliary Patrol unit whose members donated their time and boats to patrol and keep Queensland waters safe.

Enjoy lunch at the Little Ship Club’s Waterfront Bistro on the waterfront of the One Mile anchorage on beautiful North Stradbroke Island.

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Humpback Whales Migration

From June to November the waters of Moreton Bay come alive as the magnificent southern humpback whales migrate to and from Antarctica.

The opportunity to see these amazing creatures first-hand as they make their way through our warm water, to feed, play, mate, and generally show-off, is breathtaking. And, you can do it from the luxury of Lady Sovereign.

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