Spoonarama – The Biggest Collection of Souvenir Teaspoons on Display in Queensland

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When Round Table Coffee opened in late 2014 there was a small rack of Teaspoons on the wall. These were what Allie and Jeremy Jucha had collected themselves over a few years. They became a topic of conversation and visitors to the shop began to offer their own small collection to add to the walls.

In October 2019, the three day Teaspoon Exhibition was set up. 5,500 teaspoons were sorted into various categories and specific racks were made by Jeremy which gave space for Australian state Teaspoons. Those three days saw more than 140 people browse through, the response was very positive and encouraging.
In late 2020 another shop became available permanently and Spoonarama was borne of Round Table Coffee.

Throughout Spoonarama you will see upwards of 12,000 Teaspoons grouped by country, States, Animals, Schools, Royalty, Trophies, Collector Club issued, Olympic/Commonwealth Games, Theme Parks, Holiday Islands, specific maker/manufacturers and many more.
There are magnifying glasses to see closer details, small steps to get that little closer, maps and atlas to help with reference plus Spoonarama Teaspoons, T-Shirts & Tea Towels to purchase in Round Table Coffee.

This is the Biggest Souvenir Teaspoon Collection on Display In Queensland.


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