Spree with Me


Spree with Me is a new way to have a private shopping tour in fashionable locations with a friendly personal stylist as your guide.

‘Fashion Hotspot Walking Tours’ are face-to-face, personally customised shopping tour experiences.

Discover local modern fashion, designers, unique boutiques and more. It’s the perfect solution if you want to shop with, and like, a local as you discover new places or designers and save time navigating the stores.

Choose the stylist and shopping experience that most appeals to you at their website.

You’ll make an authentic connection with a local fashionista who can give you insider knowledge, guide you to hidden gems in the area and places that would wouldn’t have discovered yourself – and it’s fun!

Their qualified stylists can also help you with special occasion outfits, style updates, or corporate wear. You’ll be confident in their trustworthy advice as they don’t make any commission from sales.

Their stylists love to shop at Australian designers, luxury brands and local boutiques. They can also do vintage and pre-loved clothing. Spree with Me does not service fast fashion and discount fashion outlets; they prefer mindful, ethical and sustainable shopping choices.

Spree with Me services major shopping locations in Brisbane and Melbourne. Time for a tailor-made adventure!




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