Thallon Silo Mural

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Driving along the Carnarvon Highway, you simply can’t miss the vibrant Thallon Silo Mural. Painted on Thallon’s towering grain silos are icons of the district including the Moonie River, a beautiful sun set, a scarred tree recognising Thallon’s Indigenous community, pale-faced rosellas and a mob of sheep in celebration of the area’s agriculture.

The design titled “The Watering Hole’ was developed by the Artists Joel Fergie (The Zookeeper) and Travis Vinson (Drapl) in consultation with the local community. The striking image takes inspiration from the works of three local photographers. Chantel Mcalister’s “First Light”, The Moonie River by Lila Brosnan and Gary Petrie’s (Pom’s) shot of two pale-faced rosellas. Camping is permitted alongside the murals.





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GrainCorp Thallon Silo Art – The Watering Hole

Thallon, Balonne

Thallon Silos

Thallon Silo Mural

Thallon, Balonne

Thallon wombat

William the Wombat

Thallon, Balonne

Francis Hotel Thallon.

Francis Hotel Thallon

Thallon, Balonne

William the Hairy-Nosed Wombat Statue

Thallon, Balonne