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Bowen ,


Things To Do
Sandy beach, blue water, palm trees and granite headlands

Bowen’s Murray Bay

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 7.4 kms | Price from: Free

Located between Horseshoe Bay and Rose Bay, Murray Bay is a beautiful tropical beach complete with coconut trees and fringing...

Person snorkelling in protected bay with sandy beach and palm trees

Horseshoe Bay – Bowen

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 7.9 kms | Price from: Free

Horseshoe Bay is Bowen's most iconic beach and a favourite for locals and visitors alike, regularly topping best beaches lists....

Island view from elevated lookout

Bowen’s Flagstaff Hill Lookout

Landmarks and Buildings

Distance from: 5.3 kms | Price from: Free

Flagstaff Hill offers some of the best coastal views you will ever see with a 360-degree panorama of the whole...

Bowen Creek Fishing

Bowen Creek Fishing

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 4.9 kms | Price from: Free

Bowen has many creek systems, which hold healthy numbers of Mangrove-jack, Bream, Whiting and Barramundi (closed season November to February)....

Island view from beach with clear water

Bowen’s Rose Bay

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 7.0 kms | Price from: Free

This sandy beach offers lovely views of Gloucester Island and Mother Beddock. The adjoining public park area is perfect for...

Big Mango Sculpture

Big Mango

Landmarks and Buildings

Distance from: 0.0 kms | Price from: Free

The 10-metre high Big Mango represents the delicious fruit which carries the name sake of the town 'Bowen Mango'. Situated...

Palm fringed Grays Bay in Bowen with sand and blue water

Grays Bay

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 7.8 kms | Price from: Free

One of the most picturesque bays in Queensland is Gray’s Bay, one of the few places on the East Coast...

Beach access path, blue ocean and casuarina trees

Queens Beach

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 7.3 kms | Price from: Free

Strolling along the five kilometre stretch of Queens Bay’s sandy shore offers plenty of great activities – beach-combing, fishing or...